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Trust our 90 years of experience to deliver you fast and affordable services
without compromising on quality. Visit Soft Touch Car Wash Systems of Centerville, OH to give your old vehicle that new-car shine with our professional car washing and detailing services.

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Our professional car washing and detailing
services are what your car needs. Let us make
your car's beautiful finish last. Give your car the
care it deserves.

Your One-Stop Car Detailing Workshop

Are you in need of car detailing services that will make your car shine like new? We use only premium products and supplies when detailing your vehicle, to deliver an optimal finish. Schedule a visit today!

Comprehensive detailing for your car

Thorough detailing of your car can preserve both its look and value. Check out our assorted car detailing services for all your needs.

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 Our detailing Services             
 Exterior Detail     
 12408677Rub out, polish, and hand wax   $99.95
 12408677 Hand wax $64.95
 12408677 Vinyl top cleaned and sealed $49.95
 12408677Wire and chrome mage wheels
       (Set of 4 chrome, wire or mag wheels thoroughly cleaned)
 Interior Detail  
 12408677 Complete interior detailing $99.95
 12408677 Carpets only $59.95
 12408677Interior leather and vinyl cleaning and dressing $49.95
 Engine, Trunk and Oil Detail    
 12408677 Engine shampooing / cleaning $39.95  
 12408677Trunk cleaning, detailing and dressing $59.95  
 12408677Tar and road oil removal $19.95 and up  




Benefit from our specials -

The Detail Special at $179.95 and the Deluxe Detail Special at $199.95.


Take advantage of the specials available with a wash purchase for just $21.70.